Rochester Tile Contractor

Tile flooring has become the standard for the modern, contemporary home. Tile flooring effortlessly converts any entryway, kitchen or bathroom into an updated, sophisticated area. You can easily remodel your home and turn your space into an area of comfort for you and your family to enjoy. By simply upgrading your Tile Floor, Kitchen Backsplash or bathroom tile, your home can exude an entirely new feel. A kitchen backsplash provides a beautiful change to your home.

Furthermore, estimates show that by upgrading your Kitchen Backsplash and bathroom with marble tile or stone tile, you can increase your home value by a minimum of 10 percent. Modern Tile Creations is a Rochester tile contractor that can improve your home’s appearance, durability, and value. Modern Tile Creations has been a leader in tile installation for over 15 years. Some of the most popular material used for tile installation is marble tile, limestone tile and sharp porcelain.

Rochester residents have used Modern Tile Creations countless times to remodel their homes. Homeowners can choose between a variety of different designs from the Gallery sections that will reflect their taste and style. We guarantee customer satisfaction through our attention to detail and quality tile installation, which will improve your lifestyle and quality of your home.

Modern Tile Creations has been working with Rochester residents for many years and has seen great success ensuring great quality tile installation and customer satisfaction. Today, many homeowners are proud owners of homes with newly installed Tile Floors and Kitchen Backsplash.

Rochester, Michigan is a City in Metro Detroit in Oakland County with a population of 12, 000 residents. Modern Tile Creations is located approximately 20 miles away from the city of Rochester. We are always ready to serve the residents of Rochester and its neighboring cities. Contact us for a free estimate.